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Dispelair® Product CodePolymer productionLatex DippingMonomer StrippingFDA CFR 21 CompliancesBfR Compliances
CF 128175.105, 176.170, 176.180XIV, XXXVI
CF 145175.105, 176.210None
CF 246175.105, 176.210None
CF 304175.105, 176.210XIV (max 0.2%), XXXVI
CF 504175.105, 176.210XIV (max 0.2%), XXXVI
CF 800175.105, 176.210None
CF 951175.105, 176.210None

A variety of polymerisation processes can be optimised with the use of Dispelair® foam control agents. These products are designed to effectively control foam throughout the manufacturing process.

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