Floor Coatings – New Developments

The following products have been specially formulated to be effective foam control agents in floor coatings. These products display high efficacy across various applications (primer/self-leveller/topcoat), resins (epoxy/polyurethane/polyaspartic ester) and technologies (water borne/solvent free and solvent borne).



Blend of polymers in solvent. CF 88 and CF 99 are recommended for various solvent-based and solvent-free 2K systems. CF 88 and CF 99 display excellent air release in solvent-free epoxy self-levelling formulations. CF 88 and CF 99 show excellent compatibility in both pigmented and clear topcoats, as well as displaying no detrimental effect on gloss.


Dispelair® CF 407

Emulsion of modified silicones. CF 407 is designed to eliminate air in the production and application of water-based polyurethane systems. CF 407 displays excellent compatibility and efficacy particularly in topcoats applied by brush/roller. CF 407 can also be used for polyurethane self-levelling formulations, as well as water-based epoxy systems.


Dispelair® CF 22

Blend of polymers. CF 22 is specifically designed to work in solvent-free, 2K flooring systems. CF 22 is particularly effective at eliminating air in 100% solids polyaspartic ester systems. CF 22 can be used in either topcoat or self-leveller applications. CF 22 can also be used for solvent-based 2K systems.


Looking for foam control solutions for your business? We offer a wide range of antifoaming products to suit a variety of industries. If none of these products suit you, we also offer a tailor made service, where we work with you directly to create a defoamer that meets your exact requirements.

Our research and development team continuously work to improve our products, allowing us to provide the best antifoaming agents on the market and gain 100% customer satisfaction.

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