SVHC label free Modified Silicone – Foam Control Agents

Silicone-based products with a D4, D5 and D6 cyclic siloxanes content of 0.1% or more must be highlighted on EU Safety Data Sheets as SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern). These non-hazardous foam control agents have been specially formulated to contain less than 0.1% D4, D5 and D6 cyclic siloxanes, without compromising performance or capability.


Dispelair® Grade Type Recommended Applications
CF 407 / CF 507 Emulsion Polymers, gloss paints, adhesives and wood coatings. CF 507 better compatibility
CF 617 / CF 697 100% High performance for pigmentation dispersions, inks and gloss paints. CF 697 better compatibility
CF 629 Solvented Printing inks, polymer emulsions, solvent free and solvent borne coatings
CF 690 Emulsion Waterborne decorative coatings
CF 766 Emulsion Waterborne decorative coatings, adhesives and wood coatings.


Looking for foam control solutions for your business? We offer a wide range of antifoaming products to suit a variety of industries. If none of these products suit you, we also offer a tailor made service, where we work with you directly to create a defoamer that meets your exact requirements.

Our research and development team continuously work to improve our products, allowing us to provide the best antifoaming agents on the market and gain 100% customer satisfaction.

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