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Dispelair® antifoams are used to remove entrained air from within the pulp and surface foam generated during its production. Typically, the foam control agent is added during the screening and washing of brown stock.

Dispelair® Product Code% Non-volatile ContentHard WoodSoftwoodHigh Soap SystemsImproved DrainageBfR¹FDA²
BS 8258.0CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
BS 77524.5CheckCheckCheck
BS 92515.0CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
BS 2530.0CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Dispelair® pulp silicone emulsion defoamers are highly effective processing aids that remove foam in production and during the washing stages of the pulping process. Effective removal of air can lead to numerous process benefits; which include increased production, drainage, cleaner pulp and lower conductivity. Product selection is typically made based on wood type, location of mill, type of washing system and transport costs.

Dispelair® Product Code% Non-volatile ContentSilicone FreeBfR¹FDA²
BS 63100CheckCheckCheck

Dispelair® pulp silicone free defoamers have been developed for sensitive systems where pulp cleanliness is paramount and the pulp must remain free of any silicone contamination. Product selection is typically made based on the requirements of the mill and regulatory requirements.

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